Vera Chok It was a joy to be photographed by Sarah. Her easy and relaxed yet professional manner put me very much at ease. Sarah is a successful actress herself and her understanding of what it's like to be photographed really helped me relax. This knowledge also informed the advice she gave when we were selecting the shots to use. Her home studio is a joy to be in, and offers plenty of opportunities for both outdoor and indoor shots, with time and private space to change outfits and adjust makeup. Sarah also gave wonderful advice on what outfits and makeup suited me best, and planned the order in which we'd run though the shoot, based on what I had brought and what I wanted to achieve. In my years as an actress, I have never been so relaxed and happy to have my headshots taken.
 Karl Collins I'm sure I am not alone as an actor when I say that having my Headshots taken is a trying and uncomfortable necessary hazard, but I really never enjoy the process. That is until now. Sarah Lam really made me feel instantly at ease and confident AND handsome. The relaxed atmosphere she created was completely instinctive. As an actor herself, I'm sure it allowed her to sympathise even more with the scenario. The whole way through our session it seemed as if she wasn't even taking any photos, we were just chatting and talking about our everyday lives. I'm sure it helps that Sarah's studio is her home. She had set up three contrasting locations within her home and garden to bring out totally different sides of my personality. And who can complain about being offered a glass or two of Red Wine once the shoot was over. Having seen the initial proofs, I am thrilled with the outcome and cannot wait to choose the final images. What a genuinely easy and enjoyable experience.  Elizabeth Chan Sarah is wonderful at putting you at ease immediately with her calm yet warm manner. She really wants to get the best out of whoever she is photographing and is very patient and thoughtful in her approach - I felt very safe in her hands and am delighted with my photos. I can't recommend her enough.  Amy Neilson Smith I find photoshoots difficult! After years in the industry I can safely say my session with the wonderful Sarah Lam, with the setting of a beautiful house and garden in the quaint area of Kew, was the first I have ever truly enjoyed!! She achieved new looks and natural lighting effects I have never achieved with any other photographer. A marvellous new talent!  Ben Forster Finally giving in to my Agent's nagging to get new Spotlight photos, I gave Sarah Lam a call. Sarah's studio is in a large Victorian house set in beautiful gardens near Kew, so she has plenty of choice for interior or exterior shots. My nerves were soon put at rest - Sarah is kind, patient & welcoming.This should be no surprise because, as well as being a photographer, Sarah is also an actress and a buddhist, so there is a lovely atmosphere surrounding her work. After a brief chat about what we would do, Sarah swiftly set up various lights & we were off! It was all amazingly painless! and within a couple hours we had all the shots finished. The following day Sarah sent me a fantastic varied selection of headshots. I can't believe it was all so easy! Why did I put it off for so long? Thank you Sarah. Catherine Forrester Sarah instantly makes you feel comfortable during your shoot. She takes whatever time is needed to ensure that she gets the right pictures and is willing and open to try different things and listens to your needs as an actor. Getting headshots can be a nerve-racking experience for any actor and I can honestly say that I had a lovely afternoon.
Muireann Bird Having my head shots taken with Sarah was a wonderful, relaxing experience, she's a photographer who completely understands actors. The photos are remarkably diverse, really showing different casting options for me which is exactly what I wanted from my head shots. David Yip It was the most enjoyable, pain free and the most exhilarating session I have ever done. You put me at ease, you knew what you were doing and what you wanted and how to achieve it without fuss or bother. I soon came to trust your quiet confidence and you never asked me to smile once, but eventually when you did ask me to look at some of the shots, I was knocked out by them! I can happily recommend Sarah to anyone I know who wants a good photographer to take some good, honest and vibrant photos of themselves.


Evelyn Lockley As an actor herself, Sarah knows and understands that having photographs taken can be a daunting and uncomfortable task. She was kind, conscientious, and respectful of what I was wanting to achieve from the session. Sarah was a joy to work with; fun, encouraging, positive and open to everything. I really enjoyed the honesty of her eye, and the raw quality to her work. Sarah has a unique ability as a photographer to capture the truthfulness of her subject without leaving them exposed. Chris Simmons Having been an actor for 20 years I must have had about a dozen headshot sessions in this period so heading for this session I really didn't expect anything new. Then I met Sarah.......She has a very calming aura that you feel straight away. Makes you feel very welcome, offers you a cup of tea, you instantly feel relaxed and happy to be there. Sarah then chats to you all through the session and most of the time you forget she's clicking away. She effortlessly glides you through and it's over before you know it. Sarah then invited me to pick out 30, as the shots appeared on the screen I was stunned! I asked for warm friendly dad shots, they were there. I asked for mean horrible gangster shots, they were there in abundance!! I was absolutely thrilled and would recommend her to anyone. You get a lovely experience, great guidance and most importantly FANTASTIC headshots. I'll not use anyone else again.
Chris Bone My headshot session with Sarah was one of the most relaxed I have ever had. Her house provides a wonderful variety of indoor and outdoor settings. As an actress herself, Sarah is well aware of what is required to make a successful set of headshots, and she puts you at ease. She also gives great general advice about your presence in front of the camera, which is useful to know for future screenwork and indeed future headshot sessions. My agent was very happy with the headshots and I would not hesitate to recommend her. ﷯ Susie Blake I actually enjoyed my photo session with Sarah!! Within the hour we found at least four locations, and I changed as many times, so I never felt stiff or self conscious. Sarah's enthusiasm gave me a lot of confidence and I found it really hard to choose from the great selection of pics.

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